Executive Development Programme (EDP)


Transforming to Transform - Strategize CSR to Align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Under CRB’s Mission to align Indian Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the UN SDGs, and to enable corporate functionaries, implementation agencies and other stakeholders for its up-taking, CRB presents a series of Executive Development Programmes (EDPs) to learn the about the global paradigms, models, approaches, tools and practices of CSR and Sustainable Development. It is also important to understand the theory, benefits and consequences of CSR-SDG alignment and initiatives, and the impact of such an alignment on company’s brands and contribution in terms of sustainable development for society, economy and the environment.

After attending the EDPs, participants will be able to appreciate:

  • Differentiation between global and Indian CSR perspectives and practices
  • Understanding of Indian CSR regulations and practices
  • Understanding of alignment of CSR with SDGs and national Determined Contributions (NDCs)
  • Knowledge for formulating CSR projects and their management aligned with SDGs and NDCs
  • Understanding of the methodology for communication for projecting contribution to various SDGs as well as responsible brand promotion

Who should attend:

  • Middle and Junior level CSR Functionaries from public and private companies
  • Professionals seeking to enter CSR domain
  • Professionals/students of Management, Human Resources, Communication, Accounting & Finance, Social Work, Human Rights, Sustainability, Engineering and cognatefirleds.
  • Representatives from NGOs/Industry Associations/Think Tanks

EDP will be held in New Delhi. Duration of the EDPs will be for two days, the dates will be announced soon. Hence, we request you to register your interest. Participants will be provided certification from the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) and Aston India Centre for Applied Research, Aston University UK. Below are some of the topics to be covered in the EDP:

  • Conceptual Understanding on global and Indian CSR Models including overall company policies on four priority areas of CSR
  • Relevant laws on CSR and Sustainability; Implementation of CSR Projects – prevailingModes and Approaches (sharing by participants)– leading towards strategic CSR
  • Stakeholders’ Engagement (Methodologies and Strategies)
  • Environment, Human Rights, Anti-corruption, and Labour practices
  • Aligning CSR and Sustainable Development Goals (Case Studies)
  • CSR Needs Assessment for realigned CSR-SDG/NDC strategy / projects
  • CSR Impact Measurement Methodology based on SDG Indicators - leading to developing M& E Frameworks
  • Communicating Impacts measurable in terms of contributing to SDGs – leading to establishing Responsible Brands

To register your interest in EDP, please drop an email to ravi.atrey@c4rb.org or call 011 41088853, 9971832007