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Circular Apparel Policy Innovation Lab (CAPIL)

Project Overview

CRB is leading an initiative titled the Circular Apparel Policy Innovation Lab (CAPIL) that is funded by the C&A Foundation. CRB is supported by Intellecap and Fashion for Good in CAPIL. CAPIL has been set up with the objective to explore and suggest policy interventions required for enabling a circular economy transition in the textile and apparel sector in India.

Globally, there is considerable momentum towards circular apparel, led by international brands. This offers an opportunity for Indian apparel suppliers/manufacturers, by demonstrating transition towards circularity. An inclusive policy process to trigger circular innovation/initiatives in the textile and apparel sector in India will strategically align to the Indian government’s strong focus on resource efficiency and circular economy., There is also a need to establish a mechanism that links ground-level industry issues/realities to policy to facilitate the adoption of circular economy practices in the Indian textile and apparel sector.

Given the complexity of the subject, effective policymaking and implementation of circular economy also requires coordination between relevant government organs viz. central government, sectoral/line ministries, central and state departments.

CAPIL would contribute towards well-informed policies and implementation mechanics to support transition towards circular apparel in India, by bringing various stakeholders under one umbrella and provide evidence-based policy input.

For further information, please contact

Ms. Devyani Hari
Director (Programmes)
Email [email protected]
Phone +91 (11) 41088853

Mr Ramanuj Mitra
Programme Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone +91 (11)41088853

Clients & Partners

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