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Stubble Up (Agri-residue Utilisation)

In 2017-18, CRB along with partner MVO Nederland, under the Indo-Dutch CSR & Sustainability Forum (INDUS-Forum) project has undertaken a study entitled, ‘Exploring Possibilities of Transforming Agriculture Residue into Wood Composite in India’ (referred to as Stubble Up). The objective of the study was to explore the feasibility of converting crop residue to composite boards – a technology that exists in India but doesn’t seem to have attained significant commercial status. The research was a mix of secondary research and interaction with various key players, industry experts, government representatives, corporate and manufacturers.

Based on the findings and deliberations with stakeholders, CRB has envisaged an intervention which would explore and support the farming community for making sustainable and climate smart choices in stubble management – and prepare the ground for its application (pilot) in select districts of Haryana. The project aims to propose a business model which is not only environmentally sustainable, but also advances economic opportunities in areas where stubble-burning is rampant. The intervention will explore the feasibility of setting up decentralized, small-scale, farmer owned composite board units based on agro-residue.

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Stubble Up

Work with Rainforest Alliance (RA)

India is the world’ largest consumer of palm oil accounting more than half of the 70% imports of edible oils. Yet, the progress made in palm oil sustainability in the present decade has not been driven by companies with a view specific to the Indian market. To understand the possible reasons and better assess how to change this situation and drive demand for sustainable palm oil in the world’s largest market, Rainforest Alliance (RA) commissioned Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) to analyze the Indian market and identify issues, actors and conditions that can act as ‘triggers’ for promoting sustainable palm oil uptake in India.

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Improving Uptake of Sustainable Palm Oil in India

Sustainable Palm Oil in India

Since 2018, CRB has been working with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to understand challenges & opportunities for market transformation towards sustainable palm oil in India. This has involved engaging with FMCG companies (users) in India to understand the ‘business case’ for uptake of sustainable palm oil. As a result, this has created better buying for promoting sustainable palm oil among a few Indian & MNC FMCG players. CRB continues to engage and set other FMCGs onboard as well. Further, CRB has developed IEC material to engage consumers (especially targeting the millennial) to enhance demand sustainable palm oil usage in FMCG/household products. Both traditional and social media has been used to create buzz on the issue among the wider stakeholders.

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