Training and Capacity Building


CRB develops and delivers quality learning and skill development solutions on the following with direct and measurable impact on organization’s key performance indicators:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  2. Sustainable Development
  3. Value Chains
  4. Sustainable Supply Chains
  5. Ethical Trade
  6. Social and Environmental Compliances
  7. Quality Council of India (QCI)

CRB’s distinctive training methods and customized capacity building approaches enable organizations to easily adopt CSR, sustainable development, value chains, ethical trade, human rights, various Voluntary Sustainability Standards and Compliance practices

Training and Capacity Building Programmes offered:
  1. Executive Development Programmes
  2. Master Classes
  3. Online and Distance Learning Courses
  4. Onsite Customized Training Programmes for Corporate Functionaries

These programmes are designed and executed in association with some of the premier institutions in India and UK. Broad range of topics covered in these programmes is:

CSR Sphere:

CSR Project Management; CSR Impact Assessment; Social Return on Investment (SROI); Community Organization and Development; CSR Reporting Systems; Stakeholders’ Engagement; Business and Human Rights; CSR-SDG-NDC linkages; and customized programmes on thematic areas of CSR interventions – addressing the issues like Gender, Livelihoods, Environment, Skill Development, Quality Education, Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development, Micro-Finance, Quality Health Services, sexual harassment at workplace, water, sanitation and hygiene, rural development, poverty alleviation and etc.

Sustainability Sphere:

Sustainable Supply Chains in different industrial sectors; Sustainable Manufacturing; Sustainable Water Management; Sustainable Energy; Climate Change; Waste Management; Recycling; and sector specific programmes on Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Electric Utilities, Oil and Gas, Textile, Transportation, and etc.

Past Onsite Trainings organized:

CRB has worked with several companies/brands, over 100 factories and 1000 middle management representatives; reaching out to more than 200,000 workers to test models and approaches of capacity building and has observed very encouraging results in following areas:

  1. Strategic CSR
  2. CSR-SDG Linkages
  3. Social and Environmental Performance
  4. Data Collection
  5. Analysis
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Business Ownership
  8. Management
  9. Supervision
  10. Worker Trainings
  11. Factory Training
  12. Development Systems
  13. Induction Approaches For Workers