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Business & Human Rights

Rights & Responsibilities of Women Textiles Workers

This Rights and Responsibilities (R&R) program was co-developed by leading apparel and textiles brands/buyers who source from Indian suppliers, many of who are SMEs. The aim of this intervention led by CRB, has been to help owners and managers of apparel factories understand the importance of protecting the rights of women workers, from the perspective of ensuring long-term business relations with these brands..

The Program employs five short films on key worker-centric issues – Health & Safety, Misconduct, Good Working Environment, Overtime, Worker Representation, as the primary training tool, and further provides the necessary reading & communication supporting material (in the form of a training manual and posters) and implementation support (virtual and in person) to equip and enable suppliers to effectively use these films to train factory workers, thereby driving increased awareness on their (worker) rights and responsibilities.


Child-Friendly Supply Chains in the Garment Sector

CRB partnered with Global March Against Child Labour (Global March) to develop a Practical Guideline for Child Friendly Supply Chains - for The Garment Sector. This Guideline has been developed to identify and mitigate human trafficking, particularly of children, girls and young women in the supply chain of the garments sector, especially for Dutch Companies with its production network in India and other developing economies. The Guidelines relies on the framework advanced by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and evidences/experiences of Global March and CRB on supply chain sustainability and human rights issues in the garment supply chain.


Human Rights Due Diligence

CRB undertook a detailed human rights due diligence (HRDD) exercise to assess human rights risks associated with the engagement of a large MNC energy company with contract workers and communities across its various portfolios in India. CRB has developed a detailed and robust methodology to undertake HRDD exercise, based on international tools/methods for assisting businesses to understand current/potential human rights risks, using the UNGPs framework. A HRDD exercise is a first step to initiate actions to address human rights problems related to business operations.

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